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Pleated Fabric

Est. 1987

It's pronounced Fi-rue-zeh. I’m 5’3”, half-Iranian and an amateur sfoglina.

How it started

Born and living in London I've spent all of my career in the creative industry. This started at the age 11, when I designed and interned for legendary fashion designer Bruce Oldfield and developed my skills for the fashion industry.  Too impatient for the garment making process, I switched to fashion marketing and promotion at university, teaching myself the Adobe Creative Suite.


A happenstance freelance position led me to work with the likes of Microsoft, Lenovo and Telefonica, changing my field from fashion to tech. From there I’ve explored all areas of digital design, from delivering digital ecosystems, art directing TV ads, to rebranding companies. 

How it’s going

Currently working as a Senior Strategist for flagship accounts and pitching new business at Hugo & Cat, part of McCann Worldwide and the IPG Group. Most recently I have worked with healthcare client ViiV Healthcare (GSK & Pfizer) to engage HCPs through omnichannel strategies informed by CX, and have planned and supported internal change management for new marketing strategies.


I was previously Account Director in client services, leading accounts such as Stanley Black & Decker and Sony, working closely with clients to uncover opportunities, identify and solve client problems, lead thinking and connect customer and audience experiences with business requirements. 


I have strong experience in digital design, multi and omnichannel marketing, building data-driven marketing and social media strategies, and planning automated campaigns. 


With 12 years of agency experience in digital communication and experience, I’m driven by understanding and practising the latest developments of the digital ecosystem and customer experience that directly and indirectly impacts the future of brands.

Work Experience

 January 2022 - Present

November 2019 -  January 2022 

January 2023 - June 2024

September 2013 - April 2018

Hugo & Cat

Senior Strategist with a content, channels and marketing focus, working within B2C and healthcare to engage customers through omnichannel strategies informed by CX.

Hugo & Cat

Strategist for flagship accounts and new business, using data and insights to form creative campaigns and setting the strategy to improve customer experience across multiple channels. Using my experience in consumer and B2B Comms and marketing, I created actionable strategies that respond to consumer behaviour, motivations and trends. 

Hugo & Cat

Account Director for the Sony, Stanley Black & Decker, and reviti accounts, gaining a better strategic and commercial understanding of selling digital work, both Creative and Technical. By working closely with clients I uncovered opportunities, identified and solved client problems, lead thinking and connected customer and audience experiences with business requirements. 


Creative Lead managing the creative team for an ABM agency, transforming insight into strategic creative processes and leading in creating and delivering ABM content and campaigns. Overseeing all creative processes and collaborating closely with the Insight, Strategy and Tech teams to create relevant content, with a seamless delivery across multiple channels, digital and physical.

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