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Video & Animation

I’ve been a producer, creative and strategist for TV ads, promo videos and multiple explainer animations. From concept to storyboard, to script, to filming, animating and editing, the process of producing a video requires refinement from start to finish, with a keen eye for detail and an understanding of the logistics involved.  


Clients include Nokia, Microsoft, Sony Professional and BT Wholesale.

Nokia Asha Global TV Ad

A high-end project for a television ad for the Nokia Asha. The animator was a specialist in milk, and simulated paint rushing through the clear case using RealFlow. I came up with the original concept and storyboards, then worked with art directors and animators to refined the storyboard. I also managed the project and assisted in the editing process.

Special thanks: Ted Thorpe

Password: watch

Nokia Lumia Software Update Demo

Shot in a studio using a ‘behind the scenes’ concept, the new features of the Lumia software are shown in action using the camera crew and studio space as the canvas. I came up with the concept and script designed to highlight the features, was the producer for the two-day shoot and even featured in the video.

Password: watch

Nokia Asha Software Update Demo

A software update video for the Nokia Asha, presented by Kateryna Fan, demonstrating the new features available. I refined the concept, designed the storyboard, managed the project, studio session and video team and assisted in the editing process.

Password: watch

Sony Professional - Education Solution

A video that reinforced Sony Professional Solutions as a trusted partner for the higher education market. The video demonstrates how to future proof systems to help meet the demand for collaborative learning environments for digital students spanning multiple locations. I came up with the concept, storyboard and script, created all graphics, directed the animation and assisted in the editing process.

BT Wholesale Product Explainer

There are times when the budget for videos aren't as high as we'd like, and so it's important to create a video within the client's budget that still delivers the right message. With a short turnaround time and simple graphics, the above video served a specific purpose on the client's website. I came up with the concept, storyboard and script, created all graphics, animated and edited the video.

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