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02. AI content topics

Are you tired of spending hours brainstorming content topics for your blog? Discover how AI can revolutionize your writing process by generating engaging and relevant topics effortlessly. Join us as we explore why utilising AI for content topic generation is the ultimate game-changer, making it the most useful application after coding.*

*The above summary was generated by Squarespace AI. I simply added a prompt to ask for a blog introduction around the topic I needed. I’ve yet to come across a blog solely written by AI, and I’m often anticipating the last line of a blog post to read “written by AI.” Although I’ll have many topics to cover, I wanted to see what content topics today’s AI tools could come up with. While I’m sure there are many, I’ve been a user of Figma for around 5 years now (before Adobe made it mainstream) and I received an email about Jambot.

“Jambot brings the generative power of ChatGPT to your FigJam files, letting you ideate, summarize, and play.”

— Figma

Figma’s Jambot is free with a free account, and utilises ChatGPT’s LLM capabilities to generate ideas, dive deeper into them, and even generate code from an idea. After playing around for only a few minutes, I realised how endless the possibilities are, but also that you’ll need to have some clear intentions to use it so that you don’t end up in an overwhelming rabbit hole of ideas.

Luckily, I knew exactly what I wanted CafAI to be about. However, Jambot gave me a range of topics to explore with enough detail that I likely didn’t really need to spend a lot of time writing out posts.

Starting with the first sticky, I prompted:

“Blog post series on how AI can support the generation of digital marketing experiences”

This generated 5 ideas:

  • "AI-powered Content Curation: Unleashing the Potential of Personalized Marketing"

  • "Revolutionizing Ad Campaigns: AI-driven Targeting and Optimization Strategies"

  • "AI-guided Customer Journey Mapping: Creating Seamless Digital Experiences"

  • "Automated Social Media Management: Enhancing Brand Visibility with AI"

  • "Transforming Email Marketing: Leveraging AI for Hyper-personalization"

For each of these content ideas I had a number of options available to go deeper. I could ask Jambot questions or to take me down a rabbit hole, ask it to teach me about the topic, or add for statistics to enrich the content. However one of the biggest issues with AI today is “hallucinations.” Sometimes interpreted as AI being creative, it’s simply when ChatGPT makes things up, resulting in unreliable responses. While this seems pretty human, it can be an issue if you’re asking AI for factual information.

In addition, ChatGPT uses data up to the year 2021, so it has no knowledge of events and data beyond this, so trend predictions are based on what was known at least 2 years ago. It meant the information I was receiving in Jambot wasn’t exactly the most up to date information, so may not be unique enough to be truly relevant to readers today.

So in summary, while Jambot is a useful feature to dive deeper into topics, they may be irrelevant, or even something you would probably have been able to think up yourself. What I will do, to make the most of Jambot, is take the content ideas and explore them deeper to see if they’re actually relevant in 2023/2024.

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