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00. A Realist’s Perspective on AI

The amount of information on AI is spiralling, and trying to follow the conversation has been daunting. With the copious amounts of chat bots, articles and free trials, AI hype still feels a little Emperor’s New Clothes.

AI happened to boom during my maternity leave, when I was free from projects, training and work. As a 35 year old strategist living in London and working in digital, I wanted to discover the possibilities of AI, but have had no idea where to start.

So, to cut through the AI hype, I’m documenting my journey to discover the practical uses, and limitations, of AI for the every day digital professional. From large language model (LLM)-based chatbots (such as ChatGPT and Claude) to free trials that use AI to review and feed back on proposals, I want to test these new AI tools to see how they compare to a digital creative who has 15 years of digital comms experience.

To be transparent, I will be using AI to make writing this series easier. However, I’m not going to be spending a penny to do it, and will use only the free tools available to me and you. The goals is to understand the current, and hopefully future, AI possibilities in this digital, creative, omnichannel world. So, follow me down the AI rabbit hole in pursuit of practical realities.


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